The world most valuable Semiconductor Company - Advanced Security Engineering

Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

As part of the CIO office, you will report to CIO and focus on next generation “Secure-by-Design” IT capabilities and initiatives. You will have the chance to bring in latest technologies, design modern architecture, prototype, and work across divisions to scale implementations while ensuring quality and performance through design review and code review. For people with great software engineering skills and security knowledge, this will be a wonderful opportunity to apply all your skills toward next generation IT capabilities at scale. 

  • Prototype, engineer, and develop advanced security services and capabilities based on special assignments. 
  • Work across IT divisions to implement advanced security framework and capabilities.  
  • Conduct design reviews to ensure design and implementation quality. 
  • Continuously evolve designed solutions to ensure strong defenses against evolving threats. 
  • Stay up to date with the latest security standards and modern approaches for continuous improvements.
Required Qualifications
  •  Bachelor’s degree and above in computer science, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Information security or relevant disciplines. 
  • Minimum 8+ years of solid software development related experiences including delivery of battle-tested software products or mission-critical solutions.
  • Great software development skills and passionate with mature secure software discipline and engineering excellence with modern technology stack.
  • Familiar with mainstream and modern programming languages. e.g. Python, JS/Typescript, Golang, Rust, etc., 
  • Familiar with OS, network, security, and modern runtime environments. 
  • Can design well-rounded security solutions with red team hacking mindset and blue team defense skills.  
  • Security engineering experiences in tech companies or security product design and implementation experience of large complex systems is preferred.     
  • Knowledge of modern authentication control design and related design patterns. 
  • Fluent at English for verbal and written communications, able to speak mandarin is a plus. 
  • Great influencing and interpersonal skills Success Factor: You will likely do well if you are 
  • Passionate about innovation, performance, teamwork, learning, and agility. 
  • Having attributes like perseverance, resilience, and initiative.  
  • Open minded when exploring and testing. 
  • Paying attention to details to ensure design quality when building.
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