[Taipei On-site] Top Game Company in Japan - Ruby Server Engineer

Taipei City, Taiwan
Backend Engineer
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

What you'll do

  • Server development, error tracking, update and code management
  • Build and maintain the gaming system architecture
  • Analyze issues and problems in the system backstage
  • Maintain and resolve the issues that caused by the server
  • Optimize the realibility and efficiency of the server constantly
  • Develope the automation tool and improve the DevOps process
  • Develop, plan and maintain the data base
Required Qualifications

What you'll bring:

  • Professional proficiency in English
  • Good understanding with practical expeirnce of backend (Ruby) development
  • Familiar with automation testing and have solid fundation of networking knowledge
  • Familiar with relational database, Mac/Linux system and development environment
  • Familiar with software development life cycle and vision/layout control (e.g. git and github)
  • Have experience in CI/CD, Jenkins, Githu Action, CircleCI etc...
  • Have great interests toward gaming industry and products
Preferred Qualifications

Nice to have:

  • 3 years backend development (Ruby) or DevOps experience 
  • Familiar with one of the languages - Python, Golang, Node.js, Java
  • Have experience in distributed system and IT security skills
  • Have experience in system monitoring, efficiency analysis (e.g. DataDog, Prometheus, Grafana, NewRelic)
  • Have experience in building up microservice sturcture, data analysis and frontend development (e.g React, HTML5, Vue.js etc)
Benefits / Compensation


TWD 1,000,000 ~ 1,600,000 / year
Application Form
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