(Hybrid) 矽谷雲服務跨國新創 DevOps Engineer

Taipei City, Taiwan
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

這是一家提供跨國企業DevOps as a Service的矽谷新創,總部位於美國,致力於提供高瞬時流量雲服務給跨國商業集團、美國知名藥廠及大型影音平台等,目前正在尋找台灣夥伴一同加入,你/妳將負責:

  • Execute and manage Kubernetes deployments
  • Implement CI/CD
  • Script and automate tasks
  • Manage a diverse set of deployments over a large customer base
  • Perform system administration
  • Perform database administration
Required Qualifications

We’re looking for someone well versed in Linux and who has experience in the following skillsets! 

  • General Knowledge: Automation, Container Orchestration, CI/CD, DNS, Linux System Administration, Scripting
  • OS: Debian, Ubuntu
  • Coding: Bash, Git, Javascript, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Tools: Apache, Docker, Elasticsearch, Elastic Beanstalk, Jenkins, Kibana, NGINX, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Config Management and Automation: Ansible, Saltstack, Terraform
  • Platforms: AWS, Cloudstack, Digital Ocean, GCP, Kubernetes, Rancher
  • Mobile: Android, IOS, Firebase
  • Services: JIRA, Newrelic, Pingdom
Preferred Qualifications


Benefits / Compensation

Hybrid work mode

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