International Technical Manufacturing Solution - Operations/Logistics Specialist

New Taipei City, Taiwan
Supply Chain
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

You will have the opportunity to work with international clients and enhance the capabilities on order management, data analysis, vendor management and international trade for AI motorcycle helmets.


  • Manage different types of Import/Export activities
  • Monitor order to ship progress for schedules
  • Lead the container optimization to maximize the cost benefit
  • Conduct analysis to find out the breakthrough opportunities
  • Solve unexpected operation issues
  • Frequent communications with colleagues
  • Detailed, patient person who is willing to learn new things
Required Qualifications
  • Leadership and communication skills
    • Strategic thinking and problem solving skills
    • Analysis and multitasking skills
    • Project management skills
    • Team player
    • Able to adapt to the change
    • Strong skill in MS office
    • Be fluent in Mandarin and proficient in English
Preferred Qualifications
  • Working experience in supply chain management, logistics and shipping is preferred
    • Knowledge of import and export rules in Taiwan a plus
    • Proven record for operation improvements is preferred.
Benefits / Compensation


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