Up-and-coming Blockchain Startup - Flutter Developer

Taipei City, Taiwan
Software Engineering
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

The company uses blockchain technology, AI, and RegTech to build a safe, reliable and completely transparent decentralized virtual asset management platform for web 3.0 personal and enterprise users to be a solid bridge connecting on-chain assets to offline applications.

The core engineering team has an average of more than 10 years of development experience in building highly scalable projects. The members are from world-renowned Internet companies, Olympia world top program competition winners, etc. In addition to rich experience in open source project development (participating in Github projects totaling more than 25,000 stars), the engineering team is also experienced in blockchain development across the stack from the underlying blockchain protocols to the application layer. The Team has more than 6 years of blockchain development experience and more than ten patents for artificial intelligence and blockchain inventions.

Since 2019, we have started to build our trust foundation. Taking traditional financial institutions‘ strict supervision as a benchmark, we have built a due diligence search engine, especially made for asset service providers (both TradFi and VASP) , that combined several patented technologies. Our solution not only solved the time-consuming pain points but also released labor to focus on more enhanced due diligence work faced by asset service providers daily, facilitating the building of trust. In addition, the company was certified in ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, and fully protects users’ asset security and privacy. A strong professional team with a fully secure and compliant system will lead us beyond our mission.


  1. Develop our core wallet product
  2. Build integrations with various public and private data sources, including full node intergration.
  3. Build a CI/CD flow for mobile development.
Required Qualifications


  1. Have at least one iOS/Android apps developed with Flutter.
  2. 3+ years in mobile software development.
  3. Over one year's developing Flutter applications for mobile.
  4. Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
  5. Understanding of the Agile development life-cycle.
  6. Experience with automated testing and building.
Preferred Qualifications

***Nice to have***

  1. Knowledge of Blockchain/ Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Crypto/ Cryptocurrency.
Benefits / Compensation
  1. Be part of an incredible team of people from all over the world.
  2. Work in a rapidly expanding team and grow your responsibilities in time.
  3. Immense learning opportunity in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Competitive salary, motivation package, and all kinds of small perks to keep you happy with us.
  5. Environment that encourages self-development, learning, and growth.
  6. We’re backed by the top VC’s and have a lot of partner projects in different fields; and you’ll have access to industry experts.
  7. “Work Smarter, Play Better” culture - regular team events from drinking wine with stakeholders to ping-pong championships.
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